Our location for private persoanl tours

Places to visit in England & Affordable Tours

If you would like the personal touch or would like to see places to visit in England where other tourists do not see then you have found the right company

We are small but Reliable, Knowledgeable and Affordable

We can take you to Stonehenge, Woodhenge ???(I hear you ask) Avebury ,The New Forest, Bath ,The Cotswolds, London, The Lakes, Oxford, Cambridge, The Crooked house in the Crooked village, The Woodford Valley, Ely (the smallest city in England) Winchester, Stratford upon Avon, or Warwick (many more)

You will see Thatched Cottages along the country roads, Castles in the distance (watch them get closer) Horses on the Chalk Hills, Water meadows and rivers

There is so much to see and you can see it all and be driven in luxury at your pace with your itinerary. Stop when you want to stop

All you have to do is give me your arrival dates how many days you would like to go out for and I will make an Itinerary with you, for you.

Yes your personal Itinerary, You select where you want to go.

If you want help just ask, it is your holiday.

As we are located in the centre of England, I would suggest you located yourselves in either Stratford upon Avon or the Warwick area (this would be cheaper than London ) and save on my accommodation.

Do not worry I will collect you from Which ever airport or Dock you fly or sail into.

Accommodation is a personal choice you can have 3* 4* or 5* Hotels in Cities, Country House Hotels or Pleasant Bed and Breakfast (recommended) English breakfast served at most places of accommodation

Please fill in the enquiry form
We will do the Donkey work
You just relax and leave it all to us

The cost for our services, I am sure you will find affordable (A4Double) £40.00 per hour 8 hour day
This includes Fuel, unlimited mileage and all car parking charges You pay directly for yours (and my accommodation if needed) any entrance fees and meals.
There are no hidden charges or taxes
We accept all major credit cards including Amex. If you decide to choose us we will do our best to accommodate all your needs
Please be aware we cannot be responsible for closure or opening times of places of interest
We will do our best to check the day before

We also offer a chauffeur and executive car hire service
Feel free to Contact Dennis or Christine with any questions you have